Bronc rider and former Pride Gym fighter Charles Bisset wins Pritchard, B.C. rodeo earlier this month. Photo: contributed

Bronc rider and former Pride Gym fighter Charles Bisset wins Pritchard, B.C. rodeo earlier this month. Photo: contributed

Trail fighter’s rankings on the rise in rodeo and Muay Thai

Pride Gym fighter Charles Bisset ranked No. 3 by WBC Muay Thai USA, and wins first BC rodeo

Former Pride Gym fighter Charles Bisset is riding up the ranks in both the pro rodeo circuit and Muay Thai Mixed Martial Arts.

Bisset won first in bronc riding at the Pritchard, B.C. rodeo earlier this month, and was also ranked third in the Cruiserweight Division by the WBC Muay Thai USA July 2023 rankings following a big victory in the ring in April.

“It is kind of cool, to cap off my career,” said Bisset. “I was number 14 in the World, number 1 in Canada, and now I’m number 3 in the United States, so it’s a nice compliment.”

Coming off a spectacular knockout over Amir Rahnavardi to win the IKKC World Super Cruiserweight title on April 22, the Slocan native who grew up on a Retallack ranch, resumed riding on the rodeo circuit for the second straight year.

He hit the Pritchard rodeo near Kamloops not expecting much, and ended up winning his first rodeo in B.C.

“I heard about it last minute,” said Bisset. “So I went up there and rode it and probably put up the best round I could, and won the whole rodeo.”

His success on the circuit in California from April to June has him ranked number 8 in Bronc Riding in the California Cowboys Pro Rodeo Association (CCPRA).

Bisset hit a couple dude ranch rodeos in Nanton, AB this past week, and will continue onto Wyoming where he will rodeo for the last half of the circuit. He will continue to bust broncs into Oregon and circuit finals in November, before returning to Los Angeles, and his acting/stuntman career in Hollywood.

“Hopefully the writers’ strike is going to be done so I can get back to acting and stunt work there,” said Bisset. “And if something comes up for a fight in December or in January or February, and if it’s a good fight and they offer what I want, I will do another fight.”

Between stunt work, bronc riding, and Muay Thai fighting, Bisset’s days are never dull. Despite the inherent dangers, he remains unfazed by the risk of injury, and seizes every moment as though it were his last.

“I’m living the dream right now,” he said. “This past year and a half, I’m very content with my career in fighting and if I get a chance to do one more, that’s great. If not, bronc riding is a lot more natural for me. “

And at age 36, he plans to continue seizing many more moments for years to come.

“There is a guy in California who rides broncs, and he is 58,” added Bisset. “So I’m planning on going for a long time.”

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