The school of hockey

The school of hockey

This is the third year that a hockey ‘scholarship’ has been in place for young Rosslanders.

The generosity of a Rossland resident who seeks to share their love of the game with children who may not otherwise get the opportunity has been fulfilled.

This individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, donated the cost of two registrations into the Children’s Co-Ed Hockey Program, with Wolf Stewart, 7 (left), and Rylan Johansson, 8 (right), winning this year.

Ray Van Den Nieuwenhof of the Legion (middle), program coordinator Anna Hogarth (right), as well as hockey program instructor George Hogarth were also there to lend their support to the announcement.

This is the third year that this ‘scholarship’ has been in place. The program was for boys and girls aged five to 10 years old.