Myron Nichol slides out of the hack in Kootenay Savings Super League action.  Photo: Jim Bailey

Team Nichol wins big in Super League action

Kootenay Savings Super League goes every Thursday at the Trail Memorial Centre

By Times Contributor

Team Re/Max, skipped by Darrin Albo, were in tough against Team Myron Nichol in Kootenay Savings Super League action.

Skip Nichol caught a break in the second end when Skip Albo’s last rock draw was a little heavy, for a Team Nichol steal of three. In the third end, Skip Albo attempted a tough cross-ice double for four, but had his rock overcurl, just grazing the second Nichol stone, for a Nichol steal of one.

Team Remax got on the board in the fourth, with a hit and stick for one, but Team Nichol put it away in the fifth with Skip Myron executing a delicate come around tap for three and an 8-1 victory.

Team Nathan Small took on Team Bartlett Excavating, skipped by Devo Devine. Both teams were forced to one in the first two ends. Team Bartlett were looking to steal in the third, sitting first, second and fourth shots when Skip Nathan came to throw his last rock. Small, back on Trail ice after a month of Cashspiels and winning the BC Mixed Championship with Sebastien Robillard, executed a perfect triple takeout in the third, to lay a momentum changing three.

Team Bartlett Excavating never recovered, as Team Small stole the fourth, fifth and sixth ends for a hand shaking 8-1 drubbing.

Team Ken Fines and Team Les Lepine played a close fought game until the later ends got away from Fines. Skip Lepine hit and rolled too far, giving Team Fines a steal of one in the 1st, then came up short on a free draw in the 2nd, settling for a deuce. Skip Fines tied it in the third with a perfect draw to the four-foot, then stole the fourth with another nice draw behind cover that Lepine couldnt remove.

Team Lepine were forced to one in the fifth, knotting the game at three. Then after some great shot making by his front end, Lepine stole two in the sixth and one in the seventh to take control, before running Team Fines out of rocks in the eighth, winning 6-3, for their first victory of the young season.

Team Bill van Yzerloo were running on all cylinders with their match up with Team Brian Lemoel, taking advantage of their hammer opportunities, while limiting Team Lemoels scoring to a minimum. Skip van Yzerloo jump started his team with a double-raise, double take-out to lay three in the 1st. Facing three in the 2nd, Skip Lemoel calmly drew to the four foot for one in the 2nd.

Up 3-1, van Yzerloo Third, Don Freschi, made a nice double take-out in the third, leading to a van Yzerloo deuce.

Skip van Yzerloo made a raise double to open things up with his first rock in the fifth, then drew to the tee line for another deuce. Team Lemoel was forced to draw for one again in the sixth, then conceded a 7-3 Team van Yzerloo win.

Super League goes every Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Trail Curling Centre. Currently, spectators are not allowed in the Trail Curling Centre until COVID rules are relaxed.

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