Redstone is nearing the end of its season.

Redstone is nearing the end of its season.

Last chance to get a game of golf in

There are only a few more weeks to get to Restone Golf Resort for a game before the course closes for the winter.

Redstone Golf Resort is preparing to wrap up its season.

The golf course had its wind up tournament this weekend and is hoping keep the season going longer.

Cary Fisher, owner/manager, said the close date is a moving target that is based largely on the weather.

“We try to stay open as long as we can,” Fisher said. “Generally, we close around Thanksgiving.”

He said though, that for members, they leave the flags out until it really starts to snow.

The Fly-Wide-Open event was this past weekend.

“It’s really a locals fun tournament,” he said of the event organized by one of the club members.

Fisher said that the year had been slower until July 27.

“July 26 had a high of 13 with rain. Then on the 27th, there was a high of 30 and sunny skies,” he said. “It changed on that day.”

They had people coming to play from all over.

“We had a lot of people from out of town: the U.S., the Okanagan, Alberta.”

He added that most of the categories on the golf side had increases.

“This is the third full year for the 18-hole course to be open,” he said. “The [original] course was a nine-hole that opened in 1922.”

There is also a new trail being built, for which the resort donated some land to, which goes from Thompson Avenue all the way down to the clubhouse.

“We’ll have an awesome walking trail that links the town and golf course area,” Fisher said.

There are membership deals, such as one where if you buy a membership for next year, you can play the remainder of this year for free.

The golf course will open once again sometime around mid-April, depending on how early spring is.