Taylor Capozzola

Taylor Capozzola

Kung-fu expanding in Rossland

A Rossland kung-fu instructor is opening up his martial arts lessons to everyone this fall.

Rossland will soon have a place to practice and learn kung-fu.

Taylor Capozzola is going to be opening up his martial arts lessons to everyone this fall.

“I was doing the kid’s class through the spring and summer like this and I got a lot of questions about having an adult’s class, a toddler’s class (ages 4-6), and having a teen’s class,” Capozzola said.  “I put them all out,  full force now so I can really start expanding and make it into a real martial arts school.”

Capozzola has gone from programs to a more club approach, so has been busy getting the uniforms made, getting sparring equipment and martial arts weapons, as well as creating the logo.

Cappozzola has been practicing kung-fu for more than twelve years.

“I’m just looking to set up a real strong martial arts school around here,” he said. “I’m trying to get this as pure as it comes, right to the original kung-fu stuff. That’s kind of what I’m all about, so I’m trying to make that happen.”

Capozzola said he hopes to eventually hold tournaments.

The classes are for all skill levels and age groups.

“Actually, no experience at all is necessary, you can come from any other background, as long as you’re not training at any other club, you can train with me, it’s no problem,” he said.

Capozzola does two months at a time sign-up, because, he says, at that point, people begin to really start to know what they’re doing.

“I’m trying make this affordable to the public for the people who want to train,” he said.

“For me when I was growing up, if it wasn’t as inexpensive as it was, I wouldn’t have gotten the training, so it really kind of motivated me to keep it like that. It helped me a lot in my life, so I want to offer it to them as well.”

The classes cover things like forms, weapons, sparring and flexibility.

“I don’t focus on one or the other specifically. I give the martial art as purely as it was given to me. There’s this much this and this much that.

He also gears the class for different people and groups.

For more info, email tcapozzola@gmail.com or call 231-5728.