Beaver valley karate championships

On October 4 and 5, the Beaver Valley Karate Championships took place in the Fruitvale Memorial Hall.

On October 4 and 5, the Beaver Valley Karate Championships took place in the Fruitvale Memorial Hall. The Beaver Valley Chito-Ryu and the New Rossland Chito-Ryu Karate Dojo’s members participated in a registered amateur sport tournament to decide who was the best in the valley.

Attending the Shiai (tournament) were some very special guests from across the Kootenays and from the Okanagan. Sensei Maurice from Castlegar’s Shotokan Karate Dojo, Sensei Roberts from Salmo’s Shotokan Karate Dojo and our honoured guest Sensei Chris Taneda, 7th Dan Chito-Ryu and seven time National Kumite champion.

Thanks to a grant from the Columbia Basin Trust administered by the Regional District of Kootenay Boundry, we had a very successful event.

Success is based on witnessing the progress of those focused enough to practice more intensely on their training to achieve success for a specific event on a limited timeline.

Competing in their first tournaments in the Novice Kata Division from the Beaver Valley Dojo Evrik Bergstrom won bronze for 4th place, Rossland’s Cristobal Ruiz won bronze for 3rd place, Cooper Reed won silver and Emily Gardner won the gold medal.

In the Intermediate Kata Division Beaver Valley’s Dawson Stemler won bronze for 4th place , Andrea Buckland won bronze for 3rd place, Tyson Nelson won silver and Meagan Campsall won gold.

In the Weapons Kata Division Andrea Buckland won bronze, Tyson Nelson won silver and Meagan Campsall won her second gold Medal.

In the Team Kata Division Team Buckland with Lil’Jess, Lohan, Andrea winning the bronze medal, Team Rossland Pablo Rivas, Tobi Hillis, and Cristobal Ruiz winning the silver medal and Beaver Valley’s Team Tyson Nelson, Meagan Campsall won the gold medal.

In the Kumite Division all fighting for their first times winning bronze was Lohan Buckland, silver went to Meagan Campsall and gold was Tyson Nelson.

In the Black belt Kata Duel Sensei Roberts and Sensei Scott came to a Hikiwake (Tie). Winning the Best Male Athlete award with 2 silver and 2 gold medals was Tyson Nelson. The Best Female Athlete with 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal was Meagan Campsall and winning the most coveted of prizes this year, a Playstation4, with unanimous votes by all the Judges was Meagan Campsall from the Beaver Valley Chito-Ryu Dojo.

On Sunday there was a Clinic with Sensei Taneda and five hours of training. Students came from Beaver Valley, Castlegar, Rossland and Salmo.

For more information about The Beaver Valley Chito-Ryu Dojo call Robin or Pam at the Rossland Recreation Centre (250)  362-2327.