Time is ripe to reconnect with our good fortune

This week is all about love.

This week is all about love.

Under its influence, our senses of self and of the whole coalesce into an instinctive and passionate wisdom, a pearl of dew sweating on a raw fruit, a river rock bathed in the flow of unity and the sparkle of diversity.

This week, lovers delight in chocolate and champagne between blissful moments slaying snowy gnar, sighing under stars and our sun, reflected in the bright moon; the time is ripe to reconnect with our fundamental good fortune.

A moment’s drabbery: Canadians last year spent approximately 10 per cent of their income on food, down from 11.4 per cent in 2006. Compare that to 13 per cent in the US, 39 per cent in China, and 45 per cent in Indonesia. Worldwide, food inflation is, so to speak, on the rise.

But we remain rich.

In fact, Food Freedom Day passed us on Feb. 12, the date when the average Canadian has earned enough money to pay for a year’s groceries – $7000, on average.

We spend a smaller amount on our Rossland User Fees (taxes) that help keep the town spic and span, and larger amounts towards B.C. and Canada User Fees, but we still have extra money to support each other of our own volition, from sports to benefits to works of art.

From the extra energy afforded by our inexpensive food, we are also paid dividends in time, time to spend with loved ones, time to recreate, time to consider our elders’ wisdom.

Take Les Anderson. As we glow in our present fortune, we also prepare for the future.

Love: the taste of clean water after long, hard work.