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The Missing Ingredient

Three Simple things to help reduce inflammation and excess weight
The Missing Ingredient by Gwen Johnson

Getting started on health goals can be that hardest part, so let’s eliminate all the drama and get going!


I know the idea of fasting can be scary, or potentially sound like some hipster fad, but really it’s just about giving our body a chance to rest and digest.

While there’s a lot of ways to do this, today I’m just talking about eating your dinner about 3 hours before you go to bed, not eating after dinner, and then eating your breakfast in the morning.

Giving your body a chance to digest food before you go to bed will help you sleep better, feel better and you’ll naturally lose excess weight, especially if you’re a night snacker at the moment!


Whatever time you break your fast, break it with a well balanced SAVOURY meal.

This can be anything from eggs, veggie hash or a stir fry. I’ve had one client that learned to love starting her day with stew, even in the middle of summer!

It might take your brain a minute to get in the game, but your body will LOVE you for this choice.

Starting your day with a savoury breakfast sets you up for more consistent energy throughout the day, balances blood sugar levels and insulin response, calms inflammation and helps with weight loss, food cravings and mental clarity.

Aim for a meal high in protein, plant fibres, healthy fat and some complex carbs, in that order.


This means real food that has simple ingredients that you know and understand, and can buy in the next aisle.

You need to look PAST labels and assuming that just because it’s “vegan,” “keto” or “all natural” it’s good or a healthy choice. (It’s most often NOT.)

Start reading all the ingredients and shopping for real, whole foods… and then cooking them. This is your anti-inflammatory life recipe.

Yes, this will take time. It’s meant to.

Remember, when you’re starting out, always focus on ONE thing at a time. Don’t try and do everything all at once or expect perfection, that’s a recipe for failure!

Instead. Pick one thing and build it into your life until you feel confident, THEN add in the next thing.

This is how you win.

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Gwen Johnson, FMCHC is a Certified Functional Medicine Life Coach, podcast host for The Missing Ingredient with Gwen, and Telus STORYHIVE host of The Missing Ingredient Cooking Show. Find me at:

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