Our view: Mind readers

Get in contact with us and we will share your (newsworthy) stories.

We all fall victim to it every now and then: assuming other people know, without having to inform them, what you are thinking, doing or know. But as humans we do need to alert and remind others so hopefully the message will eventually get through and everyone arrives on the same page.

The issue can be further amplified when you feel as though the communication is one way. Like a newspaper for example. Do you ever read the paper thinking “Why did they not publish my event or my photo from that gold medal I won?” If you find yourself in this situation, know that we, at Rossland News are not mind readers and it is best to alert and remind us as to what is happening in your organization. Think of us as one more contact on your newsletter mail out or poster drop.

That being said, remember it must be appealing to our audience and not advertising material (unless you have booked ad space). In this 2.0 era there is no need to sit there and keep your thoughts to yourself.


Get in contact with us and we will share your (newsworthy) stories. We are also not going to assume you know how to do this. Get in contact by visiting our website at rosslandnews.com/contact_us and hovering over ‘home’ on the menu bar and click ‘contact us.’ If you prefer, send us a letter to Unit 2, 1810 8 Ave. Castlegar, V1N 2Y2. We look forward to a community-focused newspaper where your stories are told.