Our View: Communication – a two way street

Editorial Communication is a two way street. Council makes an effort to connect with residents.

The people of Rossland spoke out at the recent municipal election, electing for change and asking for an open and transparent council. It has become evident that this new council has listened and are not only informing residents, but also asking them for their input.

The new council is rebuilding the trust between the city and the community. It has developed a communications strategy outlining how it will ensure the community is informed and understands the actions of local government.

Already we have seen some positive ways in which the community has been asked for their thoughts. A good example was when council sought input on the financial plan. They also engaged Rossland’s youth to assist the elderly and those who are not so computer literate, to provide their two cents worth.

Additionally, council have taken the initiative to set up a stall at the monthly farmers market in an effort to connect with the community. Our city council aims to become a model for how small municipal governments interact and engage with its citizens. Their communications strategy emphasises how council will strive not only to communicate with residents, but also to engage them in ways where they can be part of the discussions and outcomes.


So now it is up to you to do your part and get engaged in the conversation — communication is a two-way street!