Loving living by a different set of rules

With the winter carnival quickly approaching I thought this would be a great time to share a few thoughts on our town.

With the winter carnival quickly approaching I thought this would be a great time to share a few thoughts on our town.

It has been said that Rossland is one of the last true ski towns; a community made up of well qualified ski bums that in looking for a “real life” have found their way here.

Living at the Red Shutter Inn I feel I have been privileged to an insight into the times of old and the things that haven’t changed.

The sticker that reads ‘Old ski bums never die, they just move to Rossland’ still holds true along with the many great stories that confirm the nature of our town.

Among the posters chronicling the history of the Rossland Winter Carnival littering the walls of the Red Shutter, there is a notice posted on the wall.

It was here that my husband and I gained our understanding of the little ski town we had moved to and knew that we were among kin.

Let me share with you ‘The One and Only Complete and Unabridged Heretofore Unpublished Rossland Code of Conduct.’

• Be prepared; always take your skis, skates, bike,

golf clubs, kayak, skateboard, hackysack or run-

ning shoes with you.

• Use your sporting gear with enthusiasm whenever

and wherever you can.

•Enter in good spirit every race you are capable of

finishing and some you are not.

• Cheer the winners and the losers.

• Support your local bands and places of revelry.

• Honor thy dancing waiters and garter girls for

they are your friends, neighbors and … parents.

• Where ties to costume parties only.

• Embrace life and the living.

• Share the bike trails of life.

• Welcome all visitors but keep some powder runs

to yourself.

So with that in mind enjoy the Winter Carnival to the fullest; appreciate that we are lucky to live in the ‘Kootenay Bubble’ — one of the few places left that understands the ‘20-centimetres rule.’

Thank-you Rossland for supporting the dreams of those that live here and continuing to be true to your roots!

Remember the heart of our community is the businesses within it; shop local and keep the bubble alive.

Natasha Lockey runs Bettygohard

Women’s Action Sports Community.

Originally from New Zealand she

has been living and playing in the

Kootenays for the past seven years.

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