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Letter: Input needed to make a better event

Bateman: The reason why I am pointing these out is Rossland’s big event will be happening and I want is everyone to have a safe one.

To the Editor:

The last time I wrote to this paper, I was under a mask as Canuck Blue. I did this to break out from just being a radio personality on a now on-hiatus radio cooperative that a small per cent of our community supported.

It was kind of fun exposing my views that were not hockey based (like a proposal for having a Seven Summit Challenge, support only Rossland stores/restaurants, and have an outdoor concert at Centennial/Cooke/Jubilee Park with Rossland bands) before some people complained, via letter, about my review of the Golden City Days, a month or so after the event.

I bumped into one a while ago and tried to explain what I said in the column and she didn’t like the tone of it. All I was trying to tell her was that a percentage of people didn’t like where the Sourdough Alley event was and some events, like the luncheon done by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Royal Canadian Legion, took a hit.

To me, I want to have our downtown core booming with locals and tourists to boost Rossland’s economy during a festival. Due to where the Golden City Days was located for the past two years, the downtown core took a huge hit in back-to-back years (2012 had a reason with construction on Columbia and Washington, while this past year had no problems, except for the weather).

As an event coordinator for making an anime convention in Rossland myself, I have to listen to the people to get ideas. Listening to people can make the event even better than the last one.

If flyers for outdoor events had “in case of rain, this event might be cancelled or moved indoors” as a safety precaution.

Instead of having Saturday’s post parade event in the arena parking lot, why not have it somewhere that doesn’t block the fire trucks when a fire happens east of, or surrounding the arena, because of congestion (which some people were complaining about due to no parking spots around the arena). That is one thing that any event coordinator should have on their mind right after the event.

The reason why I am pointing these out now is in a few weeks Rossland’s big event, the Winter Carnival (which is older than Quebec City’s [Canada’s  Oldest City] Carnivale), will be happening and all I want is everyone to have a safe one. To me, a safe Winter Carnival is a fun, successful Winter Carnival.

Sean Bateman, formerly Canuck Blue