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Greater Trail youth sparring with Pride

Trail Association for Community Living teamed up with Pride Gym for a good workout

Trail’s Pride Gym takes pride in teaching martial arts to youth and adults, but takes even greater pride when the gym has an opportunity to serve the community.

Pride Gym teamed up with the Trail Association for Community Living (TACL) and welcomed up to seven young individuals with significant barriers to attend workouts and train ‘MMA style’ for the month of July.

“They love it,” said TACL coordinator Deanna Sella. “And Glen actually donated it. It is the first time the kids program have done it, and it’s been so well received.”

Pride Gym Owner/Trainer Glen Kalesniko and MMA coach Brandon Krumm have held classes with adults from TACL in previous years, but teaching kids from ages six to 13 was a new challenge Pride readily embraced.

“I really enjoyed doing it for the adults, so I said, why not, lets transfer over and do it for these young guys too,” said Kalesniko. “They seem to enjoy it.”

Kalesniko and Krumm led the young recruits through a series of stretching exercises before putting on the pads and gloves.

“We do pretty much the same warm up as the adults, and then we do stretching, and then go right into pad work,” said Kalesniko. “I’ll put the chest protector on, and I’ll get them slipping and weaving. It’s a lot of agility stuff, and learning how to punch and learning how to kick.

“The kids are great, and it’s just a good feeling.”

TACL offers an incredible variety of programs for children, youth and adults, and advocates on behalf of individuals with significant barriers to enhance the quality of life, public understanding, and community acceptance.

Recent programs include the workouts with Pride Gym, arts and crafts at the VISAC, and many more.

“And the staff love it too, it’s so much fun for us,” added Sella.

Check out TACL programs at and visit Pride Gym at to learn more about their classes.

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