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Trail RCMP: Speeders and new in-car ticketing system

Report highlights from the Trail detachment for the second week of September
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The night of Thursday, Sept. 7, an off-duty BC Highway Patrol officer witnessed two motorcyclists allegedly racing each other and crossing a double solid yellow line while travelling westbound on Victoria Street, in Trail.

The off-duty officer relayed his observations to a nearby Trail RCMP officer on patrol in a marked police vehicle. He located and detained the drivers roadside, two adult males from Trail.

The men were issued $368 fines for driving without due care. Their motorcycles were impounded for up to seven days.

“Please drive defensively especially if you are on a motorcycle,” advises Sgt. Mike Wicentowich. “Motorcycle incidents and injuries can often be much more severe as the rider has less protection.”

He adds, “Drivers, please remain aware of motorcyclists on the road and check your blind spots frequently.”

Speeder fined

Dinnertime on Saturday, Sept. 9, a Trail RCMP officer was conducting patrol in a marked police vehicle when he observed the driver of a SUV allegedly travelling southbound at 140 km/h in a 70km/h speed zone on Highway 22, near Trail.

The officer detained the driver, a 57-year-old Trail man, and his vehicle roadside.

The driver was issued a $483 fine for excessive speed, and his vehicle was impounded for up to seven days.

“Our officer issued the violation ticket using our new in-car electronic ticketing system,” Wicentowich advises. “Electronic ticketing has proven to be an easier way to issue violation tickets with less errors.”

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