Photo: Mehdi/Unsplash

Photo: Mehdi/Unsplash

Trail RCMP report fireworks fury, mattress muddle and more

A few case highlights from the Trail and Greater District RCMP

Trail RCMP set up a road block in Beaver Valley over the weekend, checking over dozens of drivers and their vehicles. As well, police attended to several calls for service involving the oft-reported theft from unlocked cars and other petty infractions.

Truck recovered

Thursday, Trail RCMP recovered a blue 2008 Toyota Tacoma reported stolen on Oct. 17 from Willow Drive in Warfield. At the time, police reported the vehicle was unlocked, but the owner stated he had the keys. The truck was found in the 1900 block of Second Avenue in East Trail. RCMP forensics will be examining the stolen truck. Trail RCMP continue to investigate.

Roadside checks

Friday night, Trail RCMP carried out a check stop on Highway 3B, in Beaver Falls. Officers checked 80 or-so drivers and vehicles. Three drivers passed a roadside alcohol-screening test. Trail police will be stepping up impaired driving enforcement as the Christmas season approaches.

Golden celebration

Friday night, Trail RCMP received a complaint about a man causing a disturbance in the parking lot of the Beaver Valley Arena. Officers arrived and located a sober 64-year-old Golden man celebrating his hockey team’s victory by lighting off fireworks, to the chagrin of Fruitvale locals. The man, in extremely good spirits, reduced his celebration back down to earthly levels and departed the area without incident.


Saturday morning, the Trail detachment received a complaint about the theft of safety glasses and vehicle registration papers from an unlocked vehicle in the 2100 block of Second Avenue, in East Trail. The owner reported the theft occurred sometime overnight.

Trail RCMP ask the public to lock their vehicles and secure valuables as part of their nightly routine to help reduce easily preventable crime.

Mattress muddle

Sunday night, Trail RCMP detained a 28-year-old driver after spotting a mattress hanging off the back of her vehicle. The mattress obstructed the view of her taillights. The woman was already parked roadside and informed officers that the mattress had already fallen off her vehicle one time. She was waiting on friends for help. Her friends arrived and attempted to bend the mattress into a taco shape to fit into the back of the car.

Trail RCMP remind everyone to secure their loads properly while travelling on local roadways.

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