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Trail RCMP: Driving 40 km/hr over the speed limit? Risk impound

Vehicles can be seized if clocked 40 km/hr over posted speed limit
Photo: Icarus Chu/Unsplash

Car impounded

Sunday afternoon (Jan. 22) while on routine vehicle patrol, a RCMP officer allegedly spotted a Honda Civic overtaking other vehicles at a high rate of speed on the highway near Waneta, in Trail.

The officer reported that his radar clocked the driver going 137 kilometres per hour (km/h) in the posted 80 km/h zone.

The driver, a 44-year old from South Slocan, was detained in his vehicle for a roadside investigation.

He was issued a $360 fine for excessive speed and his vehicle was impounded for up to seven days.

“The driver was not aware that his vehicle could be impounded for driving 40 km/h over the speed limit,” Wicentowich said. “It came as quite a shock to lose his vehicle.”

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