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Trail RCMP advise, ‘It’s not nice to point fingers’

Attending officer finds ongoing neighbour dispute and continuing escalation between the pair
Instead of saying ‘talk to the hand,’ two Fruitvale neighbours took to the “middle finger,” escalating a dispute. Photo: Unsplash

Instead of wagging a finger at a silly falling out between neighbours, Trail police took the high road to respectfully settle a quarrel with a sensible tête-à-tête.

This tale began at lunchtime on Friday, Nov. 25 when a RCMP officer responded to a complaint from a 59-year-old Fruitvale man who said his neighbour, a 79-year-old woman, stole his gloves from the front yard of his residence located on Nelson Avenue, in Fruitvale.

The man had placed his gloves on poles in his yard and arranged them in such a manner so they appeared to flip the bird to his elderly neighbour.

Police say the man set up the gloves this way because he was upset that the neighbour had flipped him the bird at a previous time and date.

His neighbour responded by plucking the gloves from his property as further retaliation.

The officer determined there was an ongoing neighbour dispute and continuing escalation between the pair.

Thus, the officer negotiated a peaceful resolution between the two, and they agreed to ignore each other in the future.

“Creative, that’s for sure,” says detachment commander, Sgt. Mike Wicentowich.

Lifted wallet

Saturday night, the RCMP received a report from a 75-year-old Castlegar woman, who was a vendor at the Last Minute Christmas Market held in the Trail mall over the weekend. Police say the victim realized her wallet had been stolen from her booth around 4:45 p.m., during the busy market operating hours. The thief attempted to access her bank account using her bank card; however, was unsuccessful. The woman was able to take measures to prevent any further losses.

Trail RCMP is requesting anyone with information about this theft, or witnesses, to contact the detachment at 250.364.2566.

“The Trail Christmas market is a huge success,” Wicentowich said. “We ask vendors and shoppers to look out for each other and for any suspicious people or activity.”

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