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Stage 3 measures still in force for B.V. Water Service

Fruitvale, Beaver Valley residents asked to conserve water, avoid going to Stage 4
RDKB reminds Fruitvale and Beaver Valley residents water conservation is at Stage 3.

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary is reminding residents of Beaver Valley and Fruitvale that water conservation measures are still at Stage 3.

The RDKB and the Village of Fruitvale enacted these measures on Aug. 1, requiring residents served by the Beaver Valley Water Service to follow Stage 3 Outdoor Water Conservation measures.

“Let’s unite as a community to protect our water resources during this critical period,” said Goran Denkovski, RDKB’s Manager of Infrastructure and Sustainability. “Stage 3 water conservation measures are crucial to avoid the implementation of Stage 4, a step we truly wish to avoid.”

Under Stage 3, even-numbered addresses are permitted to use their sprinkler systems on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4 and 6 a.m. and 8 to 10 p.m.

Odd-numbered addresses may use their sprinklers on Wednesdays and Fridays during the same times.

“By embracing these temporary changes and watering responsibly we have the power to safeguard our environment and maintain our outdoor water usage.”

Sprinkler use is strictly prohibited on Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays. In addition, residents are encouraged to water using micro- or drip-irrigation systems. Please note, sprinkler use on vegetable and fruit gardens are exempt from this but the RDKB encourages residents to use similar water conservation principles when using sprinklers for this purpose.

These water conservation measures form part of the RDKB’s comprehensive Water Conservation Plan for the Beaver Valley Water Service.

In line with the conservation efforts, the RDKB’s WaterSmart Ambassador is offering complimentary sprinkler system assessments to residents in the Beaver Valley Water Service, Rivervale Water Service (currently Stage 2), and Christina Lake Water Utility (currently Stage 2).

The assessments aim to identify defects and improve efficiency across lawns and gardens, thereby aiding residents in reducing water usage.

Stage 4 measures are comprehensive and prohibit the use of sprinklers or irrigation, watering with a handheld container or hose, washing vehicles, cleaning driveways, filling hot tubs or pools, and watering sod, grass or plants.

“This is our chance to make a difference,” added Denkovski. “Let’s spread the word, and together, make a significant impact. Water conservation starts with each one of us.”

To schedule a sprinkler system assessment, obtain authorization for watering new sod/grass seed, order indoor water conservation toolkits, or for any other WaterSmart and landscaping inquiries, residents can contact 250-231-5384 or email

For water saving tips and more, visit RDKB’s WaterSmart page at

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