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Seven Summits: Rocket dreams for downhill rider

Kuhn is studying science at Seven Summits Centre for Learning when he’s not rocketing down hills
Seven Summits student Bodi Kuhn rockets down a trail during a World Cup downhill mountain bike race. (@rossbellphoto)

“For a rocket to fly, someone must light the fuse.”- Homer Hickman.

Bodhi Kuhn, the third-fastest Canadian downhill mountain biker, dreams of becoming an aerospace engineer one day.

Kuhn is busy studying science and physics at Seven Summits Centre for Learning when he’s not rocketing down hills.

“I find it manageable to balance my time between competing and training with my schoolwork as Seven Summits Learning offers online education, in-class teachers, and support for athletes,” said Bodhi. “It’s just a matter of organization and prioritizing.”

Starting in Grade 10, following his sister before him, Kuhn attended 7S.

“I need the flexible schedule for my training, and I prefer the freedom that comes from self-paced learning,” said Kuhn.

As a top downhill mountain bike racer, Kuhn travelled last summer to France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Andorra, the United States, and Canada to compete in the World Cup Circuit.

Managed by the Union Cyclist International, downhill racing athletes are chosen based on merit from qualifying points.

“It’s important to stay healthy and maintain intensity during training to be a world-class downhill rider. I have already accomplished much, but I am determined to do much more.”

This high-flying attitude is a common personality trait for aerospace engineers, also called rocket scientists. Often investigative individuals are clever, contemplative, and curious. Astronautical engineers study spacecraft and focus on studies including thermodynamics, aerodynamics, celestial mechanics, propulsion, guidance systems, and flight mechanics.

Driven by academic intrigue, scientific possibilities, and aerospace speculation, Kuhn is cruising toward the University of British Columbia.

In fact, he is cruising fast enough to graduate from high school an entire semester early by working ahead to finish courses, carrying over 12 credits from extra languages, and staying focused on the finish line.

Kuhn’s downhill racing aspiration is to become a world champion. He is sponsored by Trek Factory Racing and splits his time between studies, training, and racing.

“The key is to stay healthy,” added Kuhn.

“My job is to represent as part of the trade team. I look forward to the next season of competitions.”

Seven Summits Centre for Learning has been an excellent fit for Kuhn, and his lofty goals for winning the world championship and aerospace engineering are sure to take off!

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Author: Tara Hauck, Marketing Coordinator Seven Summits Centre for Learning.

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