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Screechy vehicle nets driver $700 fine: Trail RCMP

Vehicle was uninsured and the licence plates were bogus
Photo: Liam Briese/Unsplash

Last week, two frontline Trail and Greater District RCMP officers report they observed, and heard, a 36-year-old Christina Lake man driving his vehicle while it emitted a high pitch metal screeching noise.

The officers detained the vehicle roadside in the 700 block of Victoria Street.

Officers discovered that the vehicle brake system required a safety inspection, and a notice was issued.

The vehicle was also uninsured and the licence plates did not belong to the vehicle.

The driver was issued $707 in fines for no insurance and using a wrong number plate.

Later that day, the RCMP observed a 32-year-old Trail man sitting in his parked vehicle in the 900 block of Helena Street, in downtown Trail.

Officers detained the driver and vehicle roadside after noticing it appeared to have several defects to the body.

The vehicle had serious structural integrity to the car body, broken suspension, and illegally modified headlights. The officer issued an inspection notice and had it immediately removed from the road.

“Police officers can issue inspection notices for your vehicle when it becomes a safety risk to others on the road,” Wicentowich advises. “It can be to fix a single defect such as a burnt out headlight, to immediately removing your vehicle from the road due to serious safety concerns with how the vehicle is operating.”

Prohibited driver

In the early hours of March 20, a frontline Trail and Greater District RCMP officer was on routine patrol when he spotted a local man, 46, driving his vehicle in downtown Trail.

Police say this man is prohibited from driving.

The officer stopped the vehicle roadside in the 700 block of Victoria Street.

The officer arrested the man for driving while prohibited and impounded his vehicle for seven days.

The driver is slated for his first appearance in the Rossland courthouse next month.

“Trail RCMP continues to make road safety a priority leading into the heavy traffic summer months, including removing those who are unsafe to being driving on the road,” says Sgt. Wicentowich.

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