School District 20 seeks way to generate more money

A new committee has been created to investigate generating revenue for School District 20.

The bottom line will be the bottom line of a new committee struck last week to investigate revenue generation for School District 20.

Trail trustee Mark Wilson said if SD20 could find more money in the district, expand its “boundaries,” then the board could keep the axe still each year during budget deliberations.

“I think what we need to address is our lack of money. And that is what I think revenue generation is all about,” he said.

The committee will identify and review current revenue generation efforts, and the revenue generating activities and commercialism policy, and make recommendations to the board’s policy committee. Wilson said revenue-generating opportunities only supplement, not take the place of, provincial funding.

The committee will include three trustees, the superintendent of schools, secretary-treasurer, a principal/vice-principal, a CUPE representative, a KCTU representative, a DPAC representative, and three members of the public selected by the board.

“If you look at the committee suggested there are a lot of people from different areas and we could possibly come up with some revenue generation for our district within the next year,” said Wilson.

The guiding principles of revenue generation include: fund raising not interfering with delivery of educational programs; curriculum development shall not be influenced or directed by private enterprise interests; and revenue generation conforms to legal standards and must avoid controversial products or services.