Rossland Youth Week

The art will be in the gallery until the 11th for everyone to see.

  • May. 8, 2014 8:00 p.m.

Art Show

The Opening Night Gala of the Rossland Youth Art Show took place in the Rossland Art Gallery on Friday the 2nd of May. It was a bubbling evening with snacks by donation and a great turnout. The art will be in the gallery until the 11th for everyone to see. Hung in two different categories, grade 6-9 and grade 10-12 with a People’s Choice Award in both categories.

Connor Dunham won the grade 6-9 award with his piece “Blood Moon” and Annicka Dixon-Reusz won the grade 10-12 award with her piece “Converse”. They both received $150. Runner Ups were, grade 6-9, “Bird” by Jonah Winckers, Grade 10-12, “Kootenay Goddess” by Jordie Yurychuk

They received a youth week prize package consisting of 4 tickets to the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 2 tickets to Red Talks, a YAN t-shirt and a YAN sticker.

The Gathering consists of four wooden sculptures carved by Liam Barnes, Connor Britton, Jake Fantin, James Klemmensen, Devin Knox and Julian Zimmer. They came up with the concept of the sculptures and actualized the idea with help from the adults: Colin Taylor from 3 Tree who helped with concept, donated the wood and did wood prep. Mike Williams, master carver, mentored youth carving skills. Theshini Naicker, Rossland Council for Arts and Culure, helped with coordination and narrowing the design. Mike Kent, YAN Coordinator, recruited youth, helped with design and coordination.

Liam Barnes was at the Opening Night Gala and was describing the idea about the concept. It is a part, a beginning, of a greater installation called Random Acts of Culture. The idea is to place art on random spots at random times in the area. The idea comes from Random Acts of Kindness but is here about art and culture to bring a greater awareness and appreciation to art.

Graffiti Art Workshop

The Graffiti Art Workshop at the Rossglen Bike Park got close to completion during the 3rd session on Saturday but got postponed on Sunday the 4th due to weather conditions. A new date to complete the wall is about to get decided.




FREE Bike Shuttles for Youth

Sunday the 4th of May was a stormy day with thunder and hail but a few brave youth managed to bike down to Warfield and grab a free ride with the bike shuttle provided by Leah at Footsteps Eco Adventures.


The 7th Annual U19 Film Festival

On Saturday May 3rd the 7th Annual U19 Film Festival took place at a full Rossland Miner’s Hall. Popcorn and pop was available for the excited audience. Comedy, Mini Clips, Action, Sports and Drama were the different categories and a winner was selected in each category with an overall People’s Choice Award.

Liam Barnes, Samanta Fleming, Nicole Rose, Giles and Shane Hainsworth were the judges who selected the winners. When the judges discussed and picked the winners, North & South – a documentary was showed. The documentary is about the adventurous student exchange of a school in Nelson, BC, and a school in Fort McPherson, NT. The filmmaker Ryan Gibb, CO-Creator of “Life Cycles” was a guest speaker. He talked about the road into filmmaking; he shared his story and advice on how to make it in the film industry.

He explained that you have to sacrifice a lot to be able to live off filmmaking – it took him 10 years until he was able to live off his passion. “Nothing is stopping you from working hard and buying the right equipment.” said Gibb, he explains that good cameras and equipment is easily accessible for everyone nowadays. He said that in the beginning of your career you will get no money and you will probably climb up a mountain, carrying something heavy for a film set. It will be hard but at film sets is where you learn.

Connor Dunham, age 14, won the Comedy category with his western inspired film “Ye Old West”. Caleum Scott, age 15, won the Mini Clips category with his short film “Dear Santa”. He also brought home the award in the Action category with his film “The Race” and the People’s Choice Award with “The Evolution of Caelum 1999”. Bailey Page, age 18, won the Olaus statues for the Sports category with her film “Atlas | 2013” and the Drama category with “Paisley Randell – Gone”.

Rossland School of Motion – FREE Art of Movement

Rossland School of Motion presented a night of FREE Art of Movement at the RSS Auditorium on Monday May 5th. Parkour instructors during the night were Travis Watson, Liam Barnes, Jade Smith, Arlo Stevens, Julian Zimmer and Emma Moran and they managed the 32 youth who showed up for a night of active fun.