Rossland Council receives streetlight letter

Rossland City Council received a letter regarding the placement of a streetligh.

Rossland City Council received a letter regarding the placement of a streetlight at last Thursday’s council meeting.

It’s one of a few communications that the city has received regarding streetlight placement following the introduction of the city’s new streetlight policy that calls for the removal of redundant lights, but also sets out which lights will be left in place.

The complaint was sent in by Mike Maturo, who wrote in an email, “For the past nine years, we have been subjected to having our living room and our children’s bedroom (at 2544 Columbia Ave.) lit up by a mid-block, city-owned streetlight that stands some 10 m/ 33’ high, mounted on a utility pole 6 meters from the front facade of our house.”

Brian Teasdale, City of Rossland CAO and CO, said that the light in question is scheduled to be replaced by a LED and there could be an opportunity to lower the light and/or put a guard on it to reduce the amount of light entering the home.

Annual report celebrates infrastructure funding

Mayor and council received the City of Rossland’s 2016 Annual Report, which highlights the city’s accomplishments over the past year, including its major infrastructure and renovation projects.

In her mayor’s report, Kathy Moore pointed to recent staff changes, the city’s receipt of several large infrastructures grants for projects being completed this year and the nearly completed renovations to the Rossland Museum and the Miners’ Hall.

She also mentioned that the city continues to work with Trail and Warfield on the Regional Liquid Waste Management Plan Stage 2 so that upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant can be completed.

Council reconfirms three city policies

Council re-confirmed the city’s Freedom of the City policy, the Half Masting of Canadian Flag policy and the Retirement Gifts policy as they are presently written.