Rossland council approves contractors for Miners’ Hall project

Rossland city council approved contractors for the Miners' Hall Renovation project, discussed a new downtown sculpture and more.

Rossland city council received tenders for the Miners’ Hall Renovation project at Monday night’s council meeting. The mayor and councillors approved Industrial Scaffold Services LP as the contractor for the scaffolding, Trail Roofing Ltd. for the roof replacement and DJM Contracting Ltd. for the Phase 2 restoration and refinishing.

“Phase 2 is the exterior, so all four sides,” explained Stacey Lightbourne, city planner. “So it’s all the siding, the trim, fixing all the front heritage elements.”

RCAC to bring new sculpture to downtown

The Rossland Council for Arts and Culture (RCAC) requested approval from council to place a new leased sculpture, V Formation, in the courtyard beside Mountain Nugget Chocolate. The RCAC also requested two hours of city staff time to help install the new sculpture, which is interactive. Viewers can turn a crank on the sculpture that will make the Canadian geese in the sculpture fly and honk. Council was concerned that the sculpture would not be visible enough in the proposed location and voted to have staff discuss the issue with the RCAC.

The RCAC will be leasing two sculptures this year, as the Sphere of Influence will be staying in Rossland.

Rossland hockey players stuck with TRP fees

Dyne Parker presented on behalf of the 15 Rossland players who participate in the Trail Commercial Hockey League. The City of Trail charges each player $242 per TRP card to play in the league on top of the $265 league fee they already pay, and while Trail previously helped the players cover the cost, this year the city will not. Parker asked Rossland city council to consider providing some kind of reimbursement for the TRP fees.

Regional district rep talks services

John MacLean, CAO for the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKC), gave a presentation to council on the regional district services that Rossland utilizes and how much the city will likely pay in tax requisitions for 2016. Mayor Kathy Moore and councillors used the opportunity to raise concerns with MacLean about the requisition being based on property assessments, as Rossland’s overall assessment went up this year (while Trail’s went down) and council, despite having had a presentation from a representative of BC Assessment, is still unclear as to why.

Councillor concerned about dog parking spot

Councillor Andy Morel raised concerns about the dog parking spot behind Ferraro’s and whether or not it would be safe to leave a dog in that spot during the summer. He suggested that the city might want to review the placement of that particular tying station.

Council supports application for Rossland Beer Company expansion

Council recommended approval of an application to the Liquor Control & Licensing Branch from the Rossland Beer Company to make a structural change that would allow the brewery to increase its capacity from 14 to 30 people.

Council approves children’s centre renovation

Council approved a request from Golden Bear Children’s Centre to renovate the building to include more accessible washrooms for the children. The centre needs permission for the renovation because the building is city owned.

Piano to return to park

Councillor John Greene confirmed that there will be a new piano in Harry Lefevre Square this summer. This year’s instrument may be a grand piano, but that is not yet confirmed.