Samantha Troy

Samantha Troy

Political party

Samantha Troy, Green candidate for South Okanagan-West Kootenay, held a post-partisan party at the Old Fire Hall on election night.

By the time Green candidate Samantha Troy’s post-partisan party started on Monday night—right after the polls closed—the election had already been called. Hardly half an hour into the party, news networks announced a Liberal majority, party-goers tuning into the news on the radio and their phones.

A small group had gathered at the Old Fire Hall—now the Rossland Social Club—for libations, politics and pretzels. The decor for the evening was highly romantic: bouquets of baby’s breath sprouting out of vases around the hall, fairy lights strung across the ceiling, tea lights on every table. All leftovers from a wedding during the weekend, a very green way to decorate.

Talk shifted from Troy’s campaign and her last minute entry into the race, to gleeful farewell’s to Harper to Trudeau’s connection to the area. His father used to bring the kids skiing here. His brother used to live here, and died in Kokanee Lake, swept in by an avalanche.

Hours after the radio announced a Liberal majority, news casters called Richard Cannings, NDP Candidate, for the South Okanagan-West Kootenay seat. Troy was happy for him, but resolved to wait a little bit longer before calling to congratulate him, until his office had been properly notified.

“I think [Richard Cannings] will do an outstanding job, and I’m just so grateful for everyone participating, and all the voters that came out and did their part by participating. I’ll be interested to see what the actual numbers are on that as far as turnout goes,” said Troy.

She was also excited to see Canada’s future take shape.

“It’s such an exciting evening. I wanna say welcome back Canada. I think I’m very excited about our change in government and I have quite a bit of hope and confidence for the next four years,” said Troy.