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NOTICE OF APPLICATION: Record Ridge Industrial Mineral Mine Project

Permit application and supporting appendices accessed online at:
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Record Ridge Industrial Mineral Mine Project

Take notice that West High Yield (W.H.Y.) Resources Ltd. (Suite # 600, 4911 - 51st Red Deer, Alberta) has filed with the Chief Inspector of Mines, pursuant to Part 10.2.1 of the Health and Safety Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia, a Joint Mines Act and Environmental Management Act Permit Application proposing a two-year production/operation of the Record Ridge mineral resource.

The land upon which the facility is situated within Mineral Claim #514607 (approximately 318 ha) and Mineral Claim #513794 (approximately 127 ha), located approximately 7.5 km west-southwest of Rossland, British Columbia.

The Regional Mines Office of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation is leading a review of the proposed Record Ridge Industrial Mineral Mine Project on behalf of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation, and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, and invites all public comments.

The proposed Record Ridge Industrial Mineral Mine Project includes mining at a rate of no greater than 200,000 tonnes of magnesium-bearing serpentinite rock per year.

The mine plan consists of a conventional open pit operation with a sequence of drilling, blasting or mechanical ripping, loading run-of-mine rock, crushing using a mobile crushing unit, and hauling cobble-sized, crushed rock off-site to Washington State for shipment to a third-party processing facility.

The Environmental Management Act (EMA) effluent discharge requests a maximum rate of effluent discharge of 1.1 m3/s , located 56.4847, -130.2079 (upper reach of Sophia Creek).

The proposed discharge is water that has been in contact with the proposed mining operation, collected in a sedimentation pond, treated and discharged the upper reach of Sophia Creek.

The proposed characteristics of the discharge are as follows: pH between 6 to 9, total suspended solids (TSS) 15 mg/L, ammonia-N 5.6 mg/L, nitrate-N 44 mg/L,

nitrite-N 1.0 mg/L, total aluminum 0.5 mg/L, total beryllium 0.0005 mg/L, dissolved cadmium 0.0001 mg/L, total chromium 0.005 mg/L, dissolved copper 0.002 mg/L, dissolved iron 0.35 mg/L, total iron 1.0 mg/L, total lead 0.050 mg/L and total mercury 0.0001 mg/L.

The proposed type(s) of treatment to be applied to the discharge is/are: a coagulation/flocculation treatment system followed by solids settling prior to discharge.

Any person affected by or interested in this program has 30 days after the last date of publishing to make written representation to the Regional Director, Ministry of Energy and Mines and Low Carbon Innovation, 202-100 Cranbrook Street North, Cranbrook, B.C. V1C 3P9 or via email at

A copy of the permit application and support ing appendices can b e accessed online a t (

The identity of any respondents and the contents of anything submitted in relation to this application will become part of the public record.

Dated this 12 day of April, 2024.

Contact Person: Barry Baim, West High Yield (W.H.Y) Resources


Phone: (403) 829-2246