Blue surgical masks overhead view - flat lay. Photo: Adobe Stock

Blue surgical masks overhead view - flat lay. Photo: Adobe Stock

Masks still mandatory advise Trail RCMP

Police can write up a $230 ticket to non-compliers

Trail RCMP remind the public that B.C. still has a mask mandate in public indoor settings, and those who refuse to comply could be fined $230.

This advisory follows two recent calls to the Trail detachment from local businesses regarding customers refusing to put on a face mask when entering the stores.

One such complaint stemmed from a report dated noon on Feb. 4. Trail RCMP say they were notified a woman refused to wear a face mask inside a downtown Trail business located in the 800 block of Spokane Street.

Police say the Trail woman, 52, claimed to have an exemption but could not produce proof of it to employees at the business. She continued to refuse to wear a mask until an employee contacted the Trail RCMP.

The woman decided to comply at that time, received requested services outside of the business, and left without further incident.

“Trail RCMP recommends having proof of exemption ready before you enter a business,” says Sgt. Mike Wicentowich. “Self-declaration currently does not allow for an exemption from wearing a mask.”

A few days before that call, the RCMP responded to a complaint of a man refusing to wear a mask and trying to enter a business in the 800 block of Farwell Street, in downtown Trail.

He became irate when the business owner denied him entry unless the man wore a mandated face covering.

“The man spat at the owner before fleeing the area,” Wicentowich noted. “Trail RCMP made patrols for the man; however, did not locate him.”

Trail RCMP describe the suspect as wearing a puffy camouflaged jacket with fur-lined hood. Anyone with information about this person’s identity is asked to call the detachment at 250.364.2566.

Trail suspect.

“While some choose not to wear masks, it is not his or her right to attack other people complying with the rules,” Wicentowich advises. “Please respect the people working hard during the pandemic to keep our businesses and services in operation in this difficult time.”

Trail and Greater District RCMP will investigate any such reported incidents and may issue a $230 fine under the Emergency Program Act.

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