Hotel at Red Mountain not bankrupt

Rossland Mayor Kathy Moore dispelled recent rumours that the new hotel at Red Mountain had gone bankrupt at Monday night's council meeting.

City of Rossland logo

City of Rossland logo

Mayor Kathy Moore addressed recent rumours that the new hotel at Red Mountain had gone bankrupt, ensuring those present at Monday night’s council meeting that the hotel will proceed as planned with a projected opening date of summer 2017.

“I did have contact with the hotel owner up at Red just to see, because there were rumours around town saying that the hotel is bankrupt and all this. The hotel is not bankrupt,” she said. “They did their first phase without a construction loan, so they’re getting a construction loan for the next phase, and they are hopeful that this loan will close by the end of this month.”

Council moves for customer friendly billing

Council voted to amend a bill for a water valve shutoff from $450.56 to approximately $190. The original bill was for two city employees billed at four hours each, a city vehicle billed for half an hour and a $25 administrative fee. Staff had recommended to council that the homeowner not be charged a loaded rate for staff time, but instead be charged the actual cost hourly rate, plus 10 per cent, reducing the bill to $309.17. Council didn’t feel it was fair to charge the homeowner for two staff members’ time when it should have only taken one to turn off a valve, so they further reduced the bill.

Council then asked staff to come up with a policy for customer friendly billing on city staff call outs.

Council approves new snow blower

Council approved a request from staff to purchase a new snow blower from Falcon Equipment. The snow blower is the same model the city bought from Falcon last year and is available for the same price, $102,934, but the quote is only good for the next 30 days. Staff said it would be beneficial to own two of the same machine because there was a 15 per cent higher production rate with the new machine last year, 15 per cent less fuel for comparable hours, and the mechanic can order the same parts and use the machines for diagnostics. The old snow blower will be liquidated, but Darrin Albo, manager of public works, said the city shouldn’t expect to get much for it.

Council appoints liaison to Lions Campground Committee

Council voted Councillor Lloyd McLellan as liaison to the Rossland Golden City Lions Campground Committee. The city recently supported a BC Rural Dividend Program grant application for the Lions Club to complete campground upgrades. A condition of the city’s support of the grant was that a representative from the city as of Monday night, McLellan will act as a liaison between the committee and the city and ensure that the society remains accountable to the city.

Students want Rossland plastic bag free

Natasha Robine and Sylvie Bedard, students at Seven Summits Centre for Learning, presented their plan to make Rossland plastic bag free by 2020. The first part of their plan is to make Rossland plastic shopping bag free by 2018, eliminating all other bags by 2020. The girls have been talking to local businesses and community members to get support for their initiative, and have been collecting petition signatures.

Water consumption down in April

Water consumption for April was down to 50,246 cubic meters from 55,102 cubic meters in March, according to a public works update.

High: 1,852 cubic meters on April 19

Low: 1,528 cubic meters on April 4

Council awards contract for IT service review

Council agreed to award a $12,360.70 contract to MYRA Systems Corporation to review IT services for the City of Rossland. MYRA was the low bidder on the contract by $879.80.

Public safety announcement

Residents are reminded not to leave trash in Sourdough Alley, as it attracts bears, and not to drive north on Spokane St. above First Ave., as it’s a one-way street. Please find another way around the Washington St. construction.