Grizzly bear and cub sighting

Grizzly and cubs around the Neptune Creek trails: Larch Ridge, Monte Cola & COG.

  • Jun. 5, 2014 12:00 p.m.

The City of Rossland has been notified by WildsafeBC of multiple sightings of a Grizzly sow and two cubs in and around the Neptune Creek area where the following trails are: Larch Ridge, Monte Cola & COG.

For safety reasons, please use extreme caution (by making noise, travelling in groups and being alert) if you are recreating in this area or avoid this area completely until further notice.

What to do if you see a Bear

• If It Does Not Approach

If spotted in the distance, do not approach the bear. Make a wide detour or leave the area immediately.   Report your sighting to Park Staff at the first opportunity.

• If you are at close range, do not approach the bear.  Remain calm, keep it in view.  Avoid direct eye contact.  Move away without running.  Report the sighting to Park Staff.

If the Bear Approaches

• If the bear is standing up, it is usually trying to identify you.  Talk softly so it knows what you are.  If it is snapping its jaws, lowering its head, flattening its ears, growling or making ‘woofing’ signs, it is displaying aggression.

• Do not run unless you are very close to a secure place.  Move away, keeping it in view.  Avoid direct eye contact.  Dropping your pack or an object may distract it to give you more time.  If it is a grizzly, consider climbing a tree.