A Golden City Days parade on Columbia Avenue in Rossland in the 1930s.

A Golden City Days parade on Columbia Avenue in Rossland in the 1930s.

Golden City Days this weekend in Rossland

Rossland is host to Golden City Days this weekend.

Golden City Days is Rossland’s look back on it’s history and it’s happening this weekend.

One of the main events is the Golden City Days parade, which will have a very special guest. That guest is gold medalist Nancy Greene Raine.

Greene Raine grew up in Rossland and won gold and silver medals in the Grenoble Olympics in France in 1968.

“She’s going to be in town on the weekend of Golden City Days for a reunion,” says Hilary Wehrle, one of the Golden City Days organizers.

“She’s actually going to head up the parade, which is exciting because we’re always looking for someone with celebrity and it’s not easy to get. We’re really excited about that.”

The parade starts at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

Werhle says Golden City Days is the annual celebration of Rossland’s heritage which lies in mining.

“Rossland was Western Canada’s second largest gold producer, three million ounces of gold,” says Wehrle. “Today, that would be worth $6 billion. That’s a pretty big deal.”

Wehrle says they would like to invite people, not just from Rossland for the event.

“We’d like to get people in from Trail, from other communities,” she says.

“There’s lots of sort of tried and tested events. There’s one or two new and exciting things happening. As well as Golden City Days itself, there’s also the Fall Fair at the arena at the same time.”

Wehrle encourages people to come out and participate, in heritage dress if you have it. Things like a top hat, waistcoat or a long skirt.

“There’s quite a few people that dig out their heritage outfits for Golden City Days,” she adds.

“So you’ll see quite a few people dressed in sort of 1890s garb.”

There will be many children’s  and family events over the weekend, as well as events for everyone else.