Nancy Greene Raine

Nancy Greene Raine

Golden City Days has warm turn out

Golden City Days wrapped up this weekend with great weather.

Golden City Days wrapped up this weekend with great weather.

The  annual event attracted hundreds of people from Rossland and surrounding area to partake in Rossland’s heritage.

“I think everything went pretty well,” said Hilary Werhle, a member of the Golden City Days committee. “ It was a fairly good turn out. The weekend was beautiful.”

Werhle said that the beautiful weather helped, as did having Olympic-gold medalist Nancy Greene Raine come back to her hometown.

“It was great to have Nancy Greene Raine in the Golden City Days parade,” she said.

One less positive note about the event was that some of the events went off schedule and, at the last minute, the casino had to be cancelled due to lack of volunteers.

“That was all about volunteers and really it always comes back to the group of a few of us that can’t do everything,” she said. “You really need people that are coming out to help. I guess if there is any sort of message, it’s that things went really well, but we can always use extra people in the committee or extra people to help on the day.”

Werhle was involved in getting the parade organized and a luncheon after the parade.

“Then, on Sunday, we did the Kiddies’ Movie Matinee and Darcee O’Hearn did her book reading,” she said. “That was very well attended.”

As far as I’m aware the Golden City Grind and the Golden City Fling went really well.

Werhle said it’s too bad they hadn’t anticipated such lovely weather, because they could’ve had some water activities.

“A run through the sprinkler kind of thing, but usually it’s too cold for that,” she said.

“I think overall we can just say that the events were well attended, there was a lot of people in town. People enjoyed seeing Nancy Greene, I know i got a lot of good response, just about the parade in general.”

Terry Brinson, coordinator for Golden City days, echoed the need for more volunteers.

“Every group these day has a problem with volunteers,” Brinson said. “They’re getting older. We need younger people stepping into these groups. It’s not just specific to golden city days committee.”

She said other than that the event went great.

Brinson also sends out a big thank you to all volunteers involved in the event.