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Free support for home energy upgrades coming to Rossland

Retrofit Assist helps homeowners improve energy efficiency and transition to climate-friendly future

Updating your home to make it more comfortable and energy-efficient just got easier in Rossland.

This week, the City of Rossland is launching the Retrofit Assist Program, a free concierge service to guide homeowners through the process from understanding their home energy performance to engaging contractors to support their home energy upgrades.

“The City of Rossland has long been a leader in sustainability,” said Mayor Andy Morel. “As we work towards net zero by 2050, we are happy to introduce Retrofit Assist and help support residents to make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable year-round.

“Rossland has prioritized leadership on climate-related issues for decades, and we are proud to be able to roll this out for our community.”

Retrofit Assist offers homeowners the opportunity to understand their homes energy performance with a home energy assessment, navigate the rebate and funding opportunities available, and prioritize their retrofit activities - from improving the building envelope with optimized air tightness and insulation to updating their heating and cooling systems to highly efficient equipment like heat pumps.

The program is launching on December 3, 2022. Drop by the Retrofit tent outside of Ferraro Foods from 10 a.m. to noon to find out more about the program. Ask any burning questions, and enjoy a warm beverage courtesy of the Retrofit Assist project.

“As someone born and raised in the West Kootenays, it’s exciting to support the City of Rossland with this project,” said Jessica Martin-Thompson, liaison for the Community Energy Association. “The community has already supported similar positive local initiatives and we are looking to build on the interest and help people on their journey to make their homes more comfortable, efficient and climate-friendly.”

To find out more information about the Retrofit Assist program in Rossland visit

Fast Facts: Up to $25,000 in rebates and $40,000 in interest-free loans is currently available for home energy upgrades through multiple levels of government.

45 per cent of the heat loss or gain in a typical home is through walls, floors and the roof so air sealing, insulation and window upgrades can be a smart investment.

Heat pumps can be 300 per cent more efficient than traditional heating systems and have the added benefit of providing summer cooling.

Retrofit Assist program is an 18-month pilot program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in existing buildings.

Homeowners and contractors are encouraged to visit to learn how the program can support them and see if they are eligible to participate.

Retrofit Assist is delivered in partnership between the City of Rossland and the Community Energy Association with support from FortisBC and Columbia Basin Trust.

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