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Fort Shepherd closed to hunting, pending studies outcome

Visitors can enjoy the property on bicycles, on foot, and on horseback
Bobcat captured on a trail cam at Fort Shepherd. Photo: Submitted

The 2400-acre Fort Shepherd Conservancy is located along the Columbia River, just south of Trail.

It is a haven to ungulates (hooved animals) that raise their young on the lower flood benches of the property. Fort Shepherd is open to the public from May 1 to Oct. 31, and closed during the winter months.

Visitors can enjoy the property on bicycles, on foot, and on horseback.

Motorized traffic is not allowed.

Fort Shepherd is currently closed to hunting, pending the outcomes of wildlife population studies.

The Trail Wildlife Association (TWA) was founded in 1925, with a mission towards hunting, fishing, and wildlife conservation.

Historical and current conservation efforts include prescribed burns, tagging and tracking mule deer, building and operating the Murphy Creek trout spawning channels, maintaining the Bighorn sheep feeders in Kootenay Pass.

The club also drives community-centered activities such as at Critter Day and this past October’s bird box-building event.

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