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City Councillor Wallace Resigns

Two terms on Rossland City Councillor, Kathy Wallace has resigned
Kathy Wallace

josefin Svedberg

Rossland News

After two terms on Rossland City Councillor, Kathy Wallace has resigned. She admits that being City Councillor is a challenging position and has chosen to resign due to a personal decisions that will take her out of the province. Since she is going to a remote area with neither telephone nor Internet access for an extended period of time, a leave of absence did not seem reasonable.

In the future she hopes to see diversity on the council so that every voice in the community will be represented. She explains that the comphensation is too low to attract people to these challenging positions. Young families often cannot afford to have one parent staying at home and that volunteer positions cannot be afforded.

“The next election is for four terms instead of three, it will be interesting to see who puts their name up for that,” says Wallace. “It is a constant balancing act to please as many different groups in the community as possible.”


When asked about her favourite successful project during her time on council she says that it was the infrastructure project on Columbia Avenue. She explains that it doesn’t just make the town centre look more appealing but the most significant improvements lay underground. “It was a crucial upgrade on the infrastructure,” she added.