Candidate profile: David Klein

David Klein is running for a position on Rossland city council.

My name is David Klein and I am running for city council of Rossland B.C. I am a new resident/home owner to Rossland and have two children attending MacLean’s Elementary in Kindergarten and Grade 1.

Rossland has a unique community and culture, and I am interested in exploring and expanding this great town.

Having worked in the environmental field for the last twenty years, I have come to love and respect our environment.

The Visions to Actions sustainability planning process creating the Strategic Sustainability Plan, and the Official Community Plan will help us create an attractive and sustainable community into 2030, and I am enthusiastic about helping continue this process put forth by the residents.

I think the above/below ground revitalization on Columbia and Washington Avenues is our biggest community issue, is long pass due, and will be great for residents, business and tourism.