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Camouflage pants prompt complaint to Trail RCMP

Report highlights from the Trail detachment for the second week of September
Trail police were unable to track down the camouflage pants wearer. Photo: James Wainscoat/Unsplash

Camouflage quandary

Camouflage complaint

The afternoon of Friday, Sept. 8, a Trail RCMP officer received a phone call from a local man, 27, saying he observed a person wearing military issued camouflage pants in downtown Trail.

The caller said he was offended on behalf of the military as he believed civilians were not allowed to wear this type of pant. The man requested that the officer locate the man and remove his pants.

The officer informed the man that the removal of someone’s pants would be illegal even if they were camouflaged.

The man replied that he would remove the man’s pants under order of the King of England.

The officer dissuaded the man from taking action after explaining to him that it would constitute an assault if he forcefully removed someone’s pants; despite any kingly edicts that may exist.

“Our officers did look for the man reportedly wearing the camouflage pants downtown,” Wicentowich adds. “But unsurprising we couldn’t find him.”

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