The Nelson Police Department. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

The Nelson Police Department. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

UPDATED: Six overdoses over 24 hours in Nelson

All six people were successfully revived, but police fear more will occur

The Nelson Police Department says there have been six overdose cases over 24 hours in Nelson, and they are worried more will follow.

In a statement released Wednesday morning, the department said fentanyl was involved in the overdoses but that all six people were successfully revived by emergency services with Naloxone on Tuesday.

Sgt. Dan Markevich characterized overdose reports in the days leading up to Tuesday as relative to what the department usually receives.

“It’s a bad batch or a heavy dose. It’s hitting some of our more regular users, which is concerning.”

Nelson had six overdose deaths in 2020, the most since the toxic drug supply crisis began in 2016. The BC Coroners Service has not yet released data for 2021.


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