A pie to die for

A berry exciting festival: Rossland Mountain Market

  • Jul. 25, 2014 8:00 a.m.

Danielle Clarke

Rossland News

Two vendors submitted their pies to the judges last Thursday at the Rossland Mountain Market’s (RMM) Berry Festival.

Points were given for taste, appearance and originality. Between two pies, three judges and a bunch of locally grown berries, the winner was hard to choose.

Kristen Renn, the overall winner of the competition, grew up in the states and loves baking. She submitted a tropical berry pie with mango, lime and strawberry with a homemade crust. Not only was the crust homemade, it also formed the shape of an octopus on top of the pie with peaches for eyes.

The octopus went along with the tropical theme, explained Renn, who heard the judges were giving extra points for creativity.

Renn is a vender at the RMM, her booth selling reused clothes that are ‘re-imagined.’

“I take old things and turn them into something new…who doesn’t like vintage stuff?” Renn asked.

The second submitted pie came from Rossland’s own chocolatier, Trish Dyer of Mountain Nugget.

Her triple berry pie won the judges over with its berry abundance and classic pie look. The raspberries, strawberries and blueberries all came from BC.

Dyer offers pastries every Thursday at the RMM and in the shop on Fridays.

The berry festival is part of the third Thursday of the month festival series put on by RMM.

Continuing the series, August will be the corn festival followed by the tomato festival in September.

For more information go online to, www.rosslandmountainmarket.com.