A new location…and a trip to China!

With new signage on the way and only a paint job left to complete, the Chamber is nearly settled into their new location at 2070 Washington

  • Oct. 6, 2014 10:00 a.m.

Tara Howse

Rossland News

There has been quite a transformation over the last year for the Rossland Chamber of Commerce.  Now acting as a solo Executive Director, Jody Bloome says of her former job-shared position that she’s glad she had the opportunity to work with Julie Parker during an important transition time at the Chamber.  Noting it was “better to share the Executive Director position; it allowed us to stabilize the organization in order to put us in a position to move forward”.    With Julie’s departure, Jody has now taken over the helm and is eager to further develop the Chamber and its services to members.

With new signage on the way and only a paint job left to complete, the Chamber is nearly settled into their new location at 2070 Washington (the former Copcan office).  With a meeting space, computer station and office services (such as copying and faxing), Jody is hoping the new space will allow members to take advantage of their benefits.  Although Jody admits that the office space is intended for member use, she would never turn the public away but does encourage the public to utilize the community resources at the Rossland Public Library.

However, Jody does invite and encourage the general public to come by and use the business referral centre.  Serving and promoting members first, the business referral centre is intended to help residents search for local businesses and services in order to better serve our business community.   The Rossland Chamber of Commerce is also initiating a new Downtown Business “Think Tank” discussion in order to “maintain the downtown as a central community business area.”  Downtown business owners are encouraged to contact Jody to begin these discussions and share their ideas.

As their year closes out, the Chamber is looking at a new Board of Directors for their AGM in January and will be developing their strategic action plan for the 2015 year.  Also in the works is a new benefits package for members, highlighting the group insurance plan (a huge benefit to any small business owner wanting benefits) and the new Member to Member program which will feature deals, offers and discounts between members.

Lastly, and with great excitement, Jody is eager to discuss the China trip. Organized with the Chambers of Commerce in both Trail and Castlegar, the trip is open to the public and anyone is able to join this 9-day, discounted trip to China (with Chamber members receiving an additional discount).  A free presentation on the trip will happen October 29 at 5:30 p.m. in the Harry Leferve Room at the Rossland Public Library.

For any further information on the Chamber, its activities, or to become a member, please email Jody Bloome at commerce@rossland.com.