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Trail author shares insight from her book at Sunday luncheon

Find Rodlie’s book on Amazon, the Riverfront Centre book shop, and Crockett’s at the Trail mall
Boundary Historical Society’s annual luncheon on Sunday featured Trail author Lana Rodlie talking about her years of history-based writing, and reading from her book “Keepers of the Garden.” Photo: Karen McKinley

Looking for an intriguing story to read this spring?

With a near perfect score of five stars on Amazon’s ratings list is Trail author Lana Rodlie’s book titled, “Keepers of the Garden.”

Her book is based on the true story of first contact between fur traders and Indigenous people in the Pacific Northwest.

Although her independently-published book came out several years ago, “Keepers of the Garden” remains at the forefront of must-reads, especially after Rodlie was guest speaker Sunday in Grand Forks for the Boundary Historical Society’s annual luncheon.

“Author Lana Rodlie talked about her years of writing history-based fiction, her inspirations and sources and read from ‘Keepers of the Garden,’ based on a battle between fur traders and Indigenous tribes on B.C.’s west coast,” notes Karen McKinley, a Grand Forks Gazette reporter who covered the event.

Interested in giving it a read?

Besides being available on Amazon in book and e-reader formats, Rodlie says there are books available for purchase at the Trail Riverfront Centre book shop and Crockett Book Company at the Trail mall.

Book Cover of “Keepers of the Garden,” by Lana Rodlie. Photo: Submitted


An arduous sea voyage, a desolate outpost and scores of unfriendly natives — Irishman Ross Cox can’t wait for his sojourn in “Indian Territory” to be over. Hiding a sordid past, Ross is plagued by overbearing and incompetent leaders, an unforgiving wilderness, and his nemesis, John Clarke. His only saving grace is a native named Josechal who is searching for his lost tribe. Using actual journals and logs written between 1810 and 1817, Keepers of the Garden is based on the true story of first contact between fur traders and indigenous peoples in the Pacific Northwest.

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