The cast posed in their flipped costumes after the show.

The cast posed in their flipped costumes after the show.

The naughty Follies

The Gold Fever Follies put on a cabaret show at Naughty Knickers Night Part 2 on Sunday at the Miners' Hall.

The cast of Gold Fever Follies held Naughty Knickers Night Part 2 on Sunday, putting on a bawdy cabaret show complete with song, dance and cross-dressing.

The wine, cider, and beer flowed freely from the bar at the back of the hall as the Follies opened with an energetic dance number set to “Uptown Funk.”

Kristi Hack performed a hilarious dance/pantomime to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and got some back up from a couple of chicks wearing bird masks.

Then Nadya Carscadden and the guys—Ty Wright, Nick Heffelfinger, and Aaron James—sang about the true purpose of the internet: porn. Carscadden also performed a number from A Chorus Line that had the entire audience ogling her assets.

The first act ended with Wright, Heffelfinger, and James coming out in school girl outfits, then stripping down to corsets and slips to the tune of Britney Spears’ “Gimme More.” And the second act opened with the ladies from the cast putting on a rendition of “Tango” from Chicago.

Hack and Heffelfinger battled it out in a guitar-off, before yielding the stage to Alexandra Willet who took to the piano to share a tune called “In Short.” The song, directed at an ex-boyfriend takes its title from the refrain “In short, I hope you die.”

The second act appeared to end with Willet, Hack and Amy King dancing to “Bang, Bang.” After the number wrapped the rest of the cast came on stage to draw characters for the flip show in the third act, but the hat was “missing” and somehow the search ended in the whole cast breaking into Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

The evening closed with a flipped version of Summer Is Coming, with cast members playing different characters than they normally do.

Wright, who usually plays Donald Guthrie, ended up drawing Alderman Flute, his usual character’s rival in the play, and took the opportunity to mock the alderman a little bit.

Jessica Rowat, who usually plays the optimistic Gertrude, drew Donald Guthrie, and brought a lot of spunk and feistiness to the role. She also did a good job of improvising on the fire chief’s lines, bringing a lot of humor to her performance.

James, who usually plays Julian, was cast as Isabella Mezzonotti, the opera singer. The part is usually played by Lauren Halász, who is trained to sing opera, but James improvised his way through her solo, adding humorous lyrics and a fake Italia accent.

The show ended as it always does with the Boomtown Garter Girls flipping up their skirts at the audience. It’s just that this time Heffelfinger and James were part of the act.