Lori Welbourne blogged about 'Go Topless Day' and 'Women's Equality Day'

Lori Welbourne blogged about 'Go Topless Day' and 'Women's Equality Day'

Black Press blogger Lori Welbourne goes ‘Topless in Kelowna’

Welbourne, who runs her 'On a Brighter Note' blog and 'OnTheRocksTalk.com', went topless for her interview with Kelowna mayor Walter Gray.

Black Press blogger Lori Welbourne – who is the syndicated columnist behind “On a Brighter Note” and “OnTheRocksTalk.com – has turned digital heads with her interview with Kelowna mayor Walter Gray.

Asking Gray about Kelowna’s topless laws and the double standard of perception between topless men and topless women, Welbourne suddenly bared all above the waist, asked Gray to hold her mic, and pressed on with her interview.

“What are you doing?” asked the seemingly stunned mayor, who has since told CBC it was all a gag – a skit – that he was in on.

(Call it a political satire in the spirit of Richard Nixon’s “Sock it to me”.)

“It’s a little hot in here,” Welbourne replied, before asking him whether he had any piercings. She also asked him why a woman walking down the street – topless, of course – should cause any alarm or concern from other pedestrians.

When the mayor said female breasts can be distracting, she said she found earlobes distracting – his earlobes, specifically – and the interview (which was published on August 21) ended with Gray turning down her invitation for a drink – or several – at the nearest bar.

Welbourne’s video currently has over 32,600 views on YouTube. It’s by far her most-viewed video to-date.

On her blog, Welbourne wrote about the topic behind the video, specifically that August 25 is ‘Go Topless Day’ in Kelowna, and ‘Women’s Equality Day’ is one day later in the United States.

“I’ve been wondering how many ladies in my hometown of Kelowna will ditch their shirts in celebration,” she wrote. “Not many is my guess.”