A golden show

28th season the Follies relies on the energy and talent.

Jim Sinclair

Black Press

Stepping into the Miners’ Hall is always an invitation to think back to days gone by. But paying a visit to the gathering place (built just prior to the last century) for a live presentation set in those long-gone times is beautifully appropriate.

Gold Fever Follies is not new but it is as fresh as ever for the out-of towners who enjoy it as part of their visit here, as well as for locals who can’t get too much of a good thing.

In its 28th season the Follies relies on the energy and talent of a gifted cadre of writers and performers – both dramatic and musical. A small but mighty contingent filled the first few rows last Thursday for the evening offering and the appreciation for the live show was evident on each face.

A number of historically appealing topics, heavily gold-rush-seasoned, are referenced in the script by Trail native Brian Turner. The effort is Turner’s seventh on a Follies theme and the versatile cast brings it off the pages very well. Two shows a day, five days a week through to August 23 guarantee this experience will not be forgotten by the group.

“Off the Rails” is the title of this year’s installment which deals with labour-management issues, and more.

All aboard for “Off the Rails,” appearing Tuesday through Saturday, 3:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.