Under construction

Under construction

Work crews tackle dangerous corner near bottom of Rossland Hill.

By Art Harrison, Trail Times

The site of a fatal truck accident earlier this month is under construction.

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure crews are currently working on the corner on Highway 3B in Warfield where a transport truck crashed on May 3. “We’re trying to change this corner coming down from Rossland from what is referred to as a decreasing radius turn,

one that gets tighter and tighter as you come through the turn to more of a simple curve,” said site manager, John van der Holt.

“If you’ve seen the larger trucks coming down through this, they frequently cross over the yellow line. We’re trying to eliminate that.”

Van der Holt explained that the middle climbing lane will be eliminated and dedicated left hand turn slots marked out to facilitate easier and safer turns off the highway.

The work was slated to begin May 6 but was held back by common project delays and the May 3 accident.

Van der Holt pointed out that the project was not begun as a result of the recent crash.

“We’ve known for a long time that this was a problem area.”

The project, originally scheduled to run from May 6 to June 6 is now anticipated to be completed in mid-June.