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Sign up for Adopt a Senior program

Trail senior caregiver is asking residents to support the Adopt A Senior Program

A small gesture can mean so much over the holidays.

Trail senior caregiver Jennifer Williams is hoping residents will support the Adopt a Senior program.

Williams is asking public participation in providing inexpensive but useful gifts to seniors in care.

“Most do not have families around, some have no family at all,” said Williams. “The holidays are always the hardest and getting a little something from someone is always uplifting.”

Williams took the reins from last year’s organizer and has started a new Facebook group called ‘Adopt A Senior with Jen’.

“In the past, places such as Teck made donations and it was wonderful,” said Williams. “However, I need help to get the word out there.”

Williams has 55 seniors signed up at the care home where she works. For this upcoming holiday, she will assign them a number with their likes and interests and post that list on the Adopt a Senior with Jen Facebook page. People can then choose their senior that way, explained Williams.

Participants purchase the gifts then take them to a drop box at Williams home and she delivers the gifts to the resident.

“I take the donations and sanitize them and get them to the senior. It is all done anonymously due to privacy.

“I usually message the donor back to tell them of the senior’s reaction,” said Williams. “It is the most heartwarming thing ever.”

Williams’ Christmas wish is to grow her Facebook group and, with help from the community, brighten up the seniors’ holiday season.

She also encourages other care homes to start their own Adopt a Senior group.

Join the Facebook group called Adopt A Senior with Jen or email Williams at for more information.

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