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Seven Summits Centre: Education à la carte

Blended learning provides the best of the traditional in-class system and online coursework
Red Mountain Racer Finlay Smith. (Contributed)

Order up high school with the flexibility to choose unique courses and scheduling.

As a result, today’s student has more options and choices available on the path to graduation.

Curriculum flexibility allows education to be easily adapted by offering many different options on the journey to graduation.

Furthermore, Seven Summits Centre for Learning allows students to adjust their thinking or behaviour with real-life options and a blended learning model.

Fashion design, accounting, veterinarian science, marketing, and sign language are interesting electives that can round out a student’s high school curriculum.

This flexibility of course selection pairs well with the flexibility for daily attendance.

Blended learning provides the best of the traditional in-class system and online coursework with BC-certified teachers.

The self-directed learning that is necessary within the blended learning model also teaches students to manage their time and priorities.

Athletes like Red Mountain Racer Finlay Smith require a flexible schedule to allow them to attend races all winter long.

“I can focus on my race and then my schoolwork,” Smith said.

“Teachers and mentors help teach me on my schedule; they support my racing and other athletics like soccer and golf.

“I get it all done on the schedule they help me make.”

When asked why flexibility is important, Smith said, “I like to have later starts so I can sleep in and leave early if I have a training session.

“In addition, I get more work done within shorter periods of time as I focus on quality over quantity in my schoolwork.”

As a U16 moving to a FIS racing schedule, Smith was asked if he would consider the traditional brick-and-mortar high school system.

“Yes, but I wouldn’t be able to go to as many races as there is a FIS race weekly, and a lot of travel is involved.

“Going to school four days a week and starting each day at 9:15 is a preferable schedule to get rest, gym sessions, and leave time for friends outside of school hours.

“I also like to travel, so being able to take the work with me is great. It’s like working remotely but getting credit for attendance once I sign in to do the work. I advocate for a flexible schedule and being able to take courses I find interesting.

After all, if it’s a pow-day, who wants to go to school? For me, racing is just for fun, but anyone can win on any day, so I want to be there for that day!”

Tara Hauck is the marketing coordinator for Seven Summits Centre for Learning, an exceptional public high school experience that offers a blended learning model for Grades 8-12 in Rossland.

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