Seven Summits AGM summit

Seven Summits AGM summit

The Visions for Small Schools annual general meeting takes place on Wednesday, July 24 at the Rossland Hub.

The Seven Summits Centre for Learning will open in Rossland in September, 2013.

Partnership with SelfDesign in this new Learning Centre offers an additional educational choice for Grade 8 – 12 students in the Kootenay region and beyond.

SelfDesign offers a personalized, learner-focused program for students in the Kootenay region. SelfDesign is the provider of education to students who attend the Seven Summits Centre for Learning. They supply courses and qualified, specially trained mentors and administration in the delivery of their educational model.

The Visions for Small School Society is the operating community partner of the Seven Summits Centre for Learning. Visions for Small Schools is a non-profit society that operates the learning centre and liaises between the community and SelfDesign.

Education is a critical piece of the economic and social viability of our communities. Our ability to attract learners from outside the region and around the world benefits the entire Kootenay region.

The Seven Summits Centre for Learning is a regional educational resource, open to all interested students. We would be delighted to have new members and directors from across the wider area. To this end, we would like to invite interested individuals from around the region to become part of the Visions for Small Schools board of directors.

Our annual general meeting takes place on Wednesday, July 24 at the Rossland Hub on the second floor of the old Bank of Montreal building at 2012 Washington Ave.

We cordially invite you to attend and learn more about the SelfDesign program and the Seven Summits Centre for Learning. Membership costs $5 and is open to anyone who would like to participate. Our agenda includes:

• Election or re-election of directors;

• Recruitment of new members;

• Discussion of VSS role in Seven Summits Centre for Learning;

• Potential amendments to constitution;

• Discussion of Request for Entrance Scholarships for Seven Summits Centre for Learning.

Formed in 2001, the purposes of VSS are:

a) to advocate and promote the existence of comprehensive public education for and within Rossland which:

i) provides a diversity of educational opportunities,

ii) retains the flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of the community,

iii) focuses on providing a high quality of educational experience, and

iv) is viable for the long term;

b) to facilitate the contribution of education to the viability of the community;

c) to work with other community interests for the enhancement of programs and facilities relating to education, recreation, arts, culture, heritage and the environment,

d) to own property and hold tenures, to enter into agreements and contracts, and to receive, hold, invest, and disburse funds in order to further the purposes of the society, and

e) to undertake other activities necessary for the achievement of the purposes of the society.

Come out to our annual general meeting and learn more about how you can support education in Rossland and the surrounding region.

To download the registration package for the Seven Summits Centre for Learning, visit

Aerin Guy is the coordinator for the Neighbourhoods of Learning committee.