The young LaFonds

The young LaFonds

Running of the outhouses

Team Squeeze took come the coveted toilet seat at this year's Outhouse Races.

It was pandemonium on the track as this year’s three participating teams careened their outhouses down Sour Dough Alley. The Rossland Firefighters barely made it through their second heat without their outhouse appearing to collapse.

This year the LaFond family was the team to beat at the Outhouse Races, and they were taken down — by the LaFond family.

The older LaFonds, who raced as the Sh*t Disturbers, had challenged the younger generation to take them on, and the younger LaFonds, who raced as the Squeeze Team, rose to the occasion, triumphing and earning the first place toilet-seat trophy.

Asked if they had a message for the older LaFonds, the younger team said, “Keep it young, but you can’t keep up.”