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Rossland’s Columbia Ave. aglow with Christmas decor

Shops along Columbia Ave. decorated their windows for the holidays.
Curiosity Clothing and Gifts’ window features a mannequin wearing a cedar bough gown.

Holidays are here again and Rossland is all dressed up for the occasion.

Shops along Columbia Ave. decorated their windows in time for Rekindle the Spirit of Christmas earlier this month, bringing a festive visual feast to the street.

Curiosity Clothing and Gifts made an impression with a gown made of cedar boughs and falling snowflakes.

The mannequin and window took five hours to decorate.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Trinda Bowman, owner. “It’s done with chicken wire and boxes to build up the dress and she’s wrapped in chicken wire.”

Revival Boutique’s window was inspired by the live window display the shop did during Rekindle.

“I wanted to just sort of recapture what we had done,” said Zabrine Nelson, owner. “So I took the costumes off the live models and transferred them onto the window mannequins.”

Nelson said she got the elf costumes from various online sources.

Courtney Jewitt designed a window display for New Edition Café & Books in the old Bank of Toronto building during Rekindle.

New Editions will be moving to that spot sometime in 2016, and Andrea Rabone, owner, said that Jewitt did the window as a sort of “coming attraction” display.

The display has since been moved out of the Bank of Toronto building so it wouldn’t be in the way of construction, but can still be viewed two doors down.

The display includes a little Christmas tree with gold owl ornaments and even smaller trees made out of old books.

The Red Pair Shoe Store’s window was designed by local Gwen Johnson and features a pair of red Portofino boots surrounded by birch trees.

Johnson has designed the Red Pair window for the past six years and Stephanie Robinson, owner, said this is the best window she’s done.

“I had somebody that was driving from I think it was Kelowna and they drove by and the mom stopped the car and ran out to come look at the window and came in and told us how great it was,” Robinson said.

Legacy Gift Room and Brew Shop’s ice window was inspired by winter in Rossland.

“Everything I chose there, to go for that window when I was purchasing, I chose with Rossland winter in mind,” explained Roseanne Chobanuk. “Not so much Christmas as Rossland winter.”

The window features a large icey painting, an ice fairy whose wings can be removed post-Christmas to make her look less angelic and a variety of woodland creatures, including an owl and some penguins.