The Rossland Interact group.

The Rossland Interact group.

Rossland Interact club winds down for the summer

Rossland Interact thanks the community for their continued support and looks forward to the next year of international service.

Submitted by Maggie Chan


Looking back at the year, I’m glad to say that it’s been a year of growth. Not exactly a growth in numbers, but rather a development and experimentation in how we want our club to run. I remember clearly the day our club  was sitting together at our meeting table, discussing the purpose of Interact and what we wanted to focus on as a group. After a period of indecision, we finally determined the perfect phrasing of our club’s new motto — something that we promised to revolve our efforts around from that point on. Our actions would always be “strengthening communities through service.” At our last meeting as the school year came to a close, I asked members to submit a short passage on their own favourite part of the year. Their submissions are included below:

Maddi Vockeroth Fisher

Even though our club was made up of a much younger group than in years before, we were able to accomplish lots of great things in the community. By far my favourite part of this year was our winter camping. It was completely crazy and cold but everyone in the club had a great time. It was a very different way of fundraising and we were able to put lots of money towards the skate park. Plus it was simply just an amazing way to hang out with the club in a way you never would think of. I can’t wait for next year and to see all the crazy things we get up to, in order to help as much as we possibly can.

Ella Conliffe

During the 2014/2015 “season” of Interact, a group of us visited Columbia View Lodge (a seniors’ home) in Trail, every second Wednesday of the month. Wednesday being their ballroom dancing night, we would dance around their dining hall with them, and have sweet conversations. The smiles and happiness on their faces made each month a little happier.

Tara Obma

My favourite part of this year was that I got to help out both local and international communities through service projects. Not only does being member of the Interact Club provide opportunities for me to volunteer, but it also greatly improves my social responsibility.

Brian Chan

My favourite thing about Interact was the fundraiser that I got to take charge of at RSS. We raised more than $2000! It was also fun to see all the kids get so involved with this and even all the teachers. Thanks again RSS!

Alex Stephens

I became a part of Interact more or less as an accident — I came to do a presentation of exchange, ended up staying, and got roped into coming back the next week — but I’m very glad I did. I have always loved to be useful and help out, and Interact is a great way to do that. We got out into the community and did work there, from hockey scoring to selling goodies to helping with the sturgeon release. Volunteering was amazing and I also enjoyed meeting the pretty awesome people involved.

Hannah Klemmensen

Although the amount of dedicated members in our club was small, we managed to fill the year with lots of volunteering and fundraising. I loved raising money for the Rossland Skatepark, dancing with Trail seniors and other pursuits that made a visible difference in our own local community.

As for me, my favourite part of this year was learning different aspects of leadership through my position as President. I have enjoyed working with every single one of the members from this year, and, as cliché as it sounds, getting to know them better as individuals. Each person brought a good kind of diversity to our meeting table, and I thank them for all their hard work despite their busy schedules.

Rossland Interact thanks the community for their continued support and looks forward to the next year of international service where we will be serving in a country other than ours. May we never waver from our motto of  Strengthening Communities through Service.